It’s Conceivable! Massage Therapy in Seattle Can Help Solve Your Fertility Woes

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December 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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It’s Conceivable! Massage Therapy in Seattle Can Help Solve Your Fertility Woes


Pay only $50 for a 30-minute fertility consultation as part of a new kind of massage therapy in Seattle.

Now, having a baby is more conceivable than ever before!

For couples and people in committed relationships who are trying to conceive, we are offering a 30-minute consultation for only $50. We will help you increase your fertility through nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and massage therapy in Seattle.

There comes a point in a couple’s relationship when they wish to finally have their own baby boy or girl. However, some have fertility problems brought about by several factors, whether physical or emotional, which block their ability to conceive. If you’re having a hard time conceiving, allow us help you!

Our fertility consultation services will make you understand which strategies or methods you can use to increase your chances of conceiving as well as to improve your personal situation. From Kundalini Therapy in Hilo totherapeutic massage in Seattle, WA, we are here to aid our clients in getting the chance to count down those nine precious months to finally welcome the newest addition to their family. Book an appointment now and be on your way to holding your precious little bundle of joy.

  • Pay $50 for a 30-minute fertility consultation.
  • No coupon needed, just schedule an appointment.
  • One consultation per person/couple only.