Other Services

Other Services

This therapeutic technique has been used for thousands of generations in traditional cultures such as the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to alleviate a wide variety of tissue issue. It is especially effective for focused removal of toxins from affected tissues.

Near Infrared falls on the spectrum of Infrared light which is barely visible to the eye due to its short wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.

While Boosts metabolism; Recharges mitochondria; Stimulates white blood cell production; Reduces body fat; Promotes cell regeneration; Increases energy; Reduces inflammation within the body.

• Improves circulation within the body • Heals wounds faster • Faster recovery time after working out • Provides pain relief • Rejuvenates the skin • Lessens joint and muscle pain • Improves flexibility • Provides anti-aging benefits to your body
This unique approach to a fitness program covers your energy constitution, speed, flexibility, strength, and Breath/Movement relationship. While being in the elements of the outdoors. We meet at the beach, park, or playground. When we train in the outdoors, we are reminded of our breath and movement within an uncontrolled environment.

*Acu-Sports Massage: three one-day weekends (8Hrx3) repeat three times. Give 10 x 1H session, 10 x 1.5H session, 10 x 2H session with signature and give a 1H tutorial 1.5H tutorial and 2H tutorial (each $85) with Ila once checked off. One will receive a certificate of completion.

First Course: focus lower body front and back $225.00
Second Course: focus on upper and lower back $225.00
Third Course: front of the body and belly $225.00

3-weekend courses repeat three times. Para-Tan Sound Healing with Gentle Massage (Acu, Thai, Swedish, Lymphatic…) to prepare the body.

Upper triangle (two days) $400
Middle triangle (two days) $400
Lower triangle (two days) $400

Fire (Agni) or Puja (Water)