What is Tao?

What is Tao?

Tantra, later known as esoteric Buddhism or Taoism, emerged in southern India, between 300 and 400 CE around the Tamil Nadu region, when the first Hindu and Buddhist Tantric texts were written down, a weaving of poetic metaphors pointing to oneness and Divine love.

The lineage followed her is that of the Sivananda Vedantic Sound Healing path via the Sri Yantra. Shri Param being the living teacher of the lineage. A weaving of cosmic energies shared via Bija (seed) sound frequencies that deliver healing information.

Why then the world Tao? Here is the weavings of Natural Law and Cosmic Law that creates a balanced being of awareness and centered clarity.

When Heaven and Earth met in the middle, we have life. Here at Tao Energy Movement, we support the client to return to their original self and pure DNA. A weaving of many modalities will be available from Acu (therapeutic) massage, gentle sensual massage, Sound healing, Hypnotherapy, and other healing arts.

Let’s discover who you truly are.