Therapeutic Belly Massage for the Uterus or Prostate

At Tao Energy Movement, we specialize in body work to release emotional traumas resulting from pelvic floor (including the uterus or prostate) damage caused as a result of motor vehicle accidents, sexual organ trauma or surgery, sports injuries or stress, or other injury, muscular stress, or other life situations that affect the pelvic floor. Personalized Kundalini Yoga care “homework” is given after each session to continue self care at home. This therapy, as all of our treatments, may be covered by insurance (check with your insurance provider).

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By its nature, this massage therapy technique is very personal and personalized, however, if you have a need to heal your pelvic floor due to trauma you have experienced in your life, you will find that our approach to co-creating your healing with you is very understanding, open, comfortable, and non-threatening. We would be honored to give you the gift of healing completely and returning to the wholeness that is your birthright.

Since the pelvic floor corresponds to your root chakra, that means that it is essentially at the root of your being, and therefore, your experience of life. If you have experienced pelvic floor trauma of any kind, then it’s very likely that you are somewhat disconnected from your root – your sexuality and your “gut instincts.”

This is one of our very unique services that we offer in the spirit of a calling – a specific area where we see humanity as a whole could benefit from transforming and healing. We understand that dealing with your specific pelvic floor trauma and the situations that caused it could feel embarrassing or uncomfortable, and yet, if you choose to give yourself this service and healing, you may very well find it one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. This area is not an area that many therapeutic massage practitioners are willing or trained to address – it takes the special understanding, tenderness, and intensive training that we have to make it a completely comfortable, transnational, and powerfully healing experience. Put yourself in our capable and highly-trained hands and we will help you heal and transcend.

1H session $150-$200

1.5H session $200-$250

Tao Energy Movement is pleased to provide our personalized therapeutic massage in Seattle, WA