Tao Energy Movement: Yoga, Energy Healing, Personal Training, and Massage in Seattle, WA

“Tao Energy Movement” means moving qi energy in your body, and we do that using a variety of physical and energy healing techniques, personalized to your needs and requirements.

*Are you an athlete who is always pushing your physical limits?

-Our Acu-Sports Massage therapy will help your body recover from intense workouts, and if you feel you need some workout advice, our staff has many years of physical training experience and can coach or guide you as you need.

*If you are someone who is just looking for a way to fully relax for an hour or so, our Meridian Line Massage may be just the ticket. Using a combination of traditional massage techniques combined with energy healing and acupressure, our therapists move your qi along your body’s meridian lines to heal, relax, and bliss out your body.

*Our Deep Tissue Massage is not just deep pressure, but it is, in fact, massage for the muscles under your surface muscles, and while it’s often uncomfortable when done correctly, it also is a highly effective way to relieve “stuck” physical problems, which often come with the symptoms of chronic pain.

*Our Cupping Therapy, either as individual sessions or as an additional service, is great for toxic tissues issues and moving toxins out of the body. Great for stubborn stuck fascia, asthma, cellulite, low back pain, congestion, other.

Tao Energy Movement also specializes in a rare and unique form of therapy: Kundalini Innergetics Therapy and Massage. This therapy is highly personalized – just for you – and in fact becomes a co-created transformational experience between the patient and therapist as you move together through eight consciousness levels, based on the chakras of the body. The ultimate goal of Kundalini Innergetics intentions is to raise your consciousness to provide a new, calm and energized experience of life as you progress through the eight levels of the therapy. It includes many modalities of energy healing, massage, yoga, and acu-point therapy, and may include other therapeutic experiences depending on the therapist’s intuition of your needs.

In addition to the personalized Kundalini Innergetics, we also offer other personalized services including Kundalini Yoga for individuals or groups, Personal Fitness Training by a nationally-recognized trainer, and Belly Massage for male and female health concerns and Para-Tan Sound Healing.

Kundalini Yoga is referred to as “the Yoga of Awareness,” and the practice focuses on expansion of intuition and sensory awareness, combining meditation and yoga practices to elevate individual consciousness. Perhaps in contrast, our Personal Fitness Training is more of the traditional-type of physical training, designed just for you based on your fitness goals and needs. Our male/female Belly Massage is a unique combination of energy and physical healing that specifically seeks to heal damage to the pelvic floor which can be caused through many different traumatic circumstances in life.

Para-Tan Sound Healing: The uniqueness of Para Tan Sound Healing comes from chanting the mantras directly into specific areas of the client’s body. This allows the vibrational frequency of each Bija mantra to release emotional blocks and restore the correct spin of the DNA on a cellular level. When combined with massage, the results have been very possitive for clients suffering from Cancer, amputations, trauma, anxiety, separation of self.

“Thank you for bringing me home.” – Joe, Hawaii

“I feel all my cells lined up and stable.” – Yogi, Canada

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