Kundalini Innergetic Massage Therapy

Kundalini therapy and massage is a unique and highly personalized experience that is co-created between the patient and the practitioner. The intention of the therapy is to restore the flow of Kundalini energy by clearing chakra blockages through an eight-level therapeutic program that includes massage, guided breath work, Yoga, meditation, Marma point therapy, and more. Because the therapy is personal and highly personalized, moving through the eight levels may take more than eight sessions as each individual will move through these levels based on their own personal needs and requirements. (sessions are for the individual or couple)

The eight levels of Kundalini therapy are:

  • Level 1: Introduction to Kundalini Massage:
    Full body Massage and a diagnostic of your energetic Blockages. Marma Point therapy, Energetic point work in the body.
  • Level 2: Focus on Root:
    Working through issues relating to Family, Religion & Culture
  • Level 3: Focus on Sacral:
    Working through Sexual and sexuality issues
  • Level 4: Focus on Solar Plexus:
    Working through Confidence and Self Esteem Issues
  • Level 5: Focus on Heart:
    Working through Love and relationship issues
  • Level 6: Focus on Throat:
    Working through communication Issues
  • Level 7: Focus on Brow:
    Working Through Knowledge and Intuition issues
  • Level 8: Focus on Crown:
    Working Through the Source of Self

Unlike traditional massage methods, the end result of Kundalini Therapy and Massage is not to simply relax the body or address muscle soreness or injury, but rather it is a personalized consciousness and awareness-raising experience that your highly-trained Kundalini Therapy and Massage practitioner guides you through and co-creates with you.

As you can see, each stage of the Kundalini Innergetic Therapy addresses specific areas of your life, based on the chakras of the human body. Each level of the therapy builds on the previous one, so establishing a solid foundation at each level is very important, and your therapist will only move on to the next level when she senses that you have transformed the previous level. This is not a therapy that can be rushed, it is a carefully orchestrated approach that is tailored to fit just you, and we progress through the levels of the therapy as you are ready to do so, co-creating the experience with you through massage therapy and intentionally designed interactive experiences.

Are you curious about how Kundalini Innergetic Therapy and Massage can help you? Contact us today to find out how this could be one of the most impactful, meaningful, and healing choices that you have ever made in your life.

One on One Sessions range from $150-$120 for 1H

Couples session range from $300-$250 for 1.5H

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