Ila Barlean, Principal Therapist

Ila Barlean is an intuitive and multi-discipline healer, teacher, and massage therapist who has been involved in fitness and wellness since her teen years. Her interest in fitness stemmed from a decision she made as teenager to be in better shape when she hit age 30 than she was at age 13. Her passion became swimming, which she excelled at, including being a qualifier for the NCAA Nationals in 1996, as well as being voted Most Motivational Team Player and earning Most Valuable Swimmer on the Southern Illinois University women’s Varsity swim team. Ila was included in Who’s Who in Sports in 1991.

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Health and Education, with minor studies in Global and Cultural Psychology from Southern Illinois University, she went on to coach and train triathletes in Japan, returning to the US to work briefly as a model, including modeling for REI in 2003. In 2004, she founded Barlean Consulting, her personal training company, and was recognized in Allure Magazine in 2009 as the Top Trainer of the year.

In recent years, her focus has shifted to the healing arts, after realizing that fulfilling her aggressive fitness goals had in fact taken a toll on her body. She began with earning her Certification as a massage professional from Ashmede College of Massage and earned a Certification in Visceral Massage from that school as well. She trained in Thai massage, is certified as a Kundalini Massage Practitioner and Instructor, and is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has also studied several forms of energy healing, is a Certified Brain Management Consultant and teacher and is currently studying acupuncture.

Ila is delighted to offer her unique healing arts and massage in Hilo, Hawaii, while also continuing to serve her clients in the Seattle area. She looks forward to expanding Tao Energy Movement’s reach to other areas of the US and the world in the future. She plans to train other like-minded practitioners in her approaches and techniques, and thereby increase the amount of specialized healing that can be achieved for humanity, especially in the area of our root chakras. Restoring the root chakra to optimal energy flow and health through specialized therapeutic massage and Kundalini energy movement/transformation creates the foundation for wellness throughout the whole body and spirit.

Ila’s intention is to bring unconditional love into the world through healing arts, and she is constantly exploring the cutting edge of the arts, always advancing her understanding of healing and teaching others. She loves tasting the flavors of life’s existence, and her philosophy underlying all of what she does is “Heal your mind, heal your body, heal your life.”