Hilo Yoga Center Offers Workshop for Kundalini Massage Techniques

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Hilo Yoga Center Offers Workshop for Kundalini Massage Techniques

Hilo, Hawaii (July 15, 2013) – Trusted Hilo yoga and healing center Tao Energy Movement is offering day-long workshops for Kundalini therapy and massage. Priced at $250, the workshop is recommended for individuals who want to bring a sensual healing touch to their relationships, and practitioners interested in incorporating Kundalini principles and techniques into their services.

Kundalini involves a highly personalized experience that aims to clear chakra blockages in a person’s system, which are commonly caused by an emotional upset such as loss, conflict, or an accident. Through therapy and massage, Kundalini harmonizes the body’s chakras, and restores the flow of healing energy throughout the body.

Also called the “Yoga of Awareness,” Kundalini uses an eight-level program that combines different therapeutic philosophies and practices. These include yoga, massage, Tibetan ceremonies, Marma point therapy, meditation, and more.

It starts with a full body massage, followed by a diagnosis of the client’s energy blockages. The therapist will then work with the various chakras of the body in order to address the issues. The process focuses on unearthing the client’s emotions on family, religion and culture, sexuality, confidence and self-esteem, love and relationships, communication, as well as knowledge and intuition.

People interested in Tao Energy Movement’s Kundalini workshops will receive a home practice packet that contains essential oils and instructional materials. The company’s service can also help people successfully achieve self-healing, as well as positively touching the lives of those around them.

Considered to be one of the most reliable centers for therapeutic services and yoga in Hilo, Tao Energy Movement is dedicated to making the world a better place for everybody through the healing arts. The center also offers a wide range of treatment methods, including meridian line healing, cupping, acu-sports massage, Kundalini energetic massage therapy, and deep tissue massage.

They also provide personalized services for men and women who are suffering from various health ailments. Interested parties can visit www.TaoEnergyMovement.com to learn more.

About Tao Energy Movement

Tao Energy Movement was founded by Ila Barlean, an intuitive and multi-discipline healer, teacher, and massage therapist. An accomplished athlete, her interest in the healing arts started after she personally experienced the ill effects of all her years of hard sports training. This later on developed into her life’s passion. Today, she and her team are committed to fostering love and kindness by providing a wide range of therapeutic, as well as personalized services to their patients.