Hilo Massage Center Offers Consultations for Improving Fertility

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December 7, 2018
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Hilo Massage Center Offers Consultations for Improving Fertility

Hilo, Hawaii (July 15, 2013) – Tao Energy Movement is offering comprehensive consultations for couples who want to boost their fertility. The Hilo massage center and healing center offers a more holistic approach by combining nutrition, exercise, and relaxation to help improve the couples’ chances of conceiving.

The consultation costs $50 and it includes a 30-minute, in-depth discussion on key aspects that are keeping the couples from conceiving, and the available options to address the problem. Besides combining exercises with relaxation and nutrition, they also educate the couples on how to properly deal with the situation.

Infertility and problems related to conception are caused by several factors like genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, which involves heavy drinking and smoking, and exposure to harmful elements, among others. Though some of these factors cause irreversible effects, alternative treatments increase the chances of reversing the situation.

The Tao Energy Movement utilizes the Tao of Healing Art, which is based on an ancient massage and “qi” energy movement practices of Tui-Na. It involves specific massage techniques that date back to over 2,500 years ago, and are still being used in many hospitals in China today for treating various health concerns and removing blockages and abnormalities in the body. Some of their popular services include the Meridian Line Massage, which focuses on moving energy and blood flow towards the body’s 12 major meridian lines.

Another is the Kundalini Energetic Massage Therapy, which involves the clearing of chakra blockages through an eight-level therapeutic program. They also offer Acu-Sports Massage Therapy to increase blood circulation and energy levels, decrease muscle tensions, as well as overall well-being. Moreover, they also conduct personalized services like Kulandini Yoga, Fitness Training, and Therapeutic Massage for specific health concerns.

Guided by the philosophy of “heal your body, heal your mind, heal your life,” principal therapist Ila Barlean and her healing center staff attend to people who are suffering from various physical ailments. They deal with patients who are recovering from injuries, imbalances in the body, and people who are simply looking for a relaxing massage in Hilo.

For more information on their services and for the corresponding charges per session, visit www.TaoEnergyMovement.com.

About Tao Energy Movement and Ila Barlean

The Tao Energy Movement aims to bring unconditional love to the world through cutting-edge healing arts. Ila Barlean, the center’s principal therapist, has been involved in wellness and fitness during her teenage years. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health and Education from Southern Illinois University, and is currently studying acupuncture.