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Here at Tao Energy Movement, we think differently about what it means to heal through massage and Kundalini Innergetics healing techniques. We firmly believe in our philosophy of “heal your mind, heal your body, heal your life,” and we are dedicated to bringing real healing – not just short-lived bliss from a great massage – to your world. We have studied and employ many approaches to healing and wellness, and if you choose to receive our most powerful treatments, you will find that your holistic experience of life transforms. While that is our big vision, we also know that you may simply be looking for a great, relaxing massage, and we are happy to provide you with that therapeutic massage experience as well – and we think that you will find that as we blend a little of our more esoteric techniques into the “usual” Swedish and Thai massage therapies, you really will feel the difference.

Our Principal Therapist, Ila Barlean, has studied many massage and energetic healing modalities and she is constantly exploring the leading edge of what’s available to provide whole mind/body/life healing to Tao Energy Movement’s clientele. In addition to more traditional Swedish, Thai, and Chinese Tui-Na massage disciplines, she has also studied the more cutting edge and transformational Kundalini Innergetics and massage as well as Tantric healing therapy. In the latter case, the meaning of “tantra” is often misunderstood in Western cultures as having a sexual context, where, in fact, Tantric therapy is a sensual experience, not a sexual one. Ila explains the difference this way: “Sexual energy is used for procreation. It has a short shelf life. Its focus is the genital region. Sensual energy is a way of being and experiencing life. It has a longer shelf life and sources a joyful experience of life. Its focus is the whole body. So in practice, I deal with transforming sexual energy or pain into sensual energy for a positive whole body conscious experience.” Ila is one of a very small group of practitioners who has trained in Tantric healing therapy and methods of healing damage to the pelvic floor in women or men which restores health to the root chakra and opens the door to a more sensual/joyful/free experience of life for her clients. People often feel shame due to the experiences that caused pelvic floor damage in their life or due to circumstances that happened to them which caused the flow of energy in their body to get blocked at the root chakra. As you might imagine, healing and removal blockages at the root chakra will result in the opening up of the flow of life energy to the higher chakras, providing a newfound feeling of joy and freedom for the client.

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